5 Startups Tackling Air Pollution in India

India’s air quality was contemplated as among the world’s worst over the Diwali weekend. The worst hit areas are reportedly the north Indian cities. The air pollution level in Delhi reached 40 times over the safe limits. Therefore, it’s high time to seriously address the adverse effects of air pollution in India.

Delhi-NCR is ranked as fifth among all the 32 megacities with a population of 25.8 million. Delhi’s air has been announced as most polluted air in the world regarding percentage, according to a report by WHO. Unfavourable geographic location and meteorology, uncontrolled sources in its surrounding periphery and some unregulated and unaccounted sources within the city attribute are responsible for its bad air quality.

According to the data of Berkeley Earth, a US research organisation, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar recorded PM 2.5 levels of over 500 µg/m³ – surpassing the pollution values on October 30 and 31 from 9 pm to the wee hours of the next morning.

Let’s have a look at the few initiatives taken by the startup fraternity to battle against air pollution:


Smart Air Filters

Delhi-based Smart Air Filters offers an indoor air purifier that is extremely effective against PM 2.5, the first air pollutant affecting urban Indian cities. The startup claims that its H13 HEPA filter, which is used in the Smart Air Original DIY Air Purifier, captures 99.97 percent of PM 2.5 particles. For outdoor security from pollution, the startup also retails N95 pollution masks that it challenges are 95 percent efficient in trapping PM2.5 particles. The company has its appearance in China and Mongolia also.


OnMask Life Sciences

The Hyderabad-based startup provides anti-pollution masks which are washable and reusable. It declares its products are far superior to the ones accessible in the market, such as surgical masks, kerchiefs, scarfs, and bandanas. In the upcoming months, the startup aims to come up with more technically advanced masks which will be able to curb more harmful gaseous pollutants. At present, the startup is concentrating on the retail market of highly polluted cities in the country to provide its citizens with an efficient solution against harmful pollutants.


Help chat

Bengaluru-based personal assistant app Help chat this year launched a new feature that monitors the air in the surrounding environment and delivers a personalized air quality update via a mobile app.

The app will show the Air Quality Index (AQI) reading from 0 to 500+ (0 being the cleanest and 500 being the worst air quality), and suggests a precautionary measure depending on the air quality. The moment the app senses air quality getting below a certain point, it will send an alert to the user’s smartphone. Additionally, it also suggests areas that one should avoid visiting in their city.


Kurin Systems

Delhi-based Kurin Systems offers a range of air purifiers for cars, offices, and living areas. Kurin Aura for cars is priced at Rs 4,999, Kurin Atom (for offices) has a price tag of Rs 8,999, and Kurin Aeos (for rooms) costs Rs 28,999. Aeos appears with room purifier, laser sensor air quality monitoring display, processor, and Wifi module along with interactive phone app.



The air pollution control company provides accurate air monitor manufactured and designed in India. It has an app which manages and checks the quality of air a person is breathing. One can map real-time air quality date in their respective cities.

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