8 best websites to surf when getting bored!

Many of us pass time on the internet surfing for hours on social media and liking useless information. It’s time someone comes to your rescue. Guess what? Below 8 best websites will not only distract you from the useless posts of social media, but you will also learn something new each time you visit them.


This is an apt website at the moment to surf given the present situation around you. It is a perfect place which will help you meditate, relax, calm down and sleep. This website will help you find inner peace despite the chaos happening around you.

Big Think

The initial intention of the website was to become the YouTube of Ideas. The website offers ideas which are not even of your own field. The website includes articles, podcasts, videos, presentations and discussions about people from the various field.


A brilliant website which provides solutions to your everyday issues. It provides solutions to all kinds of issues faced by people each day.


This website helps to understand Digital Citizenship and also provides courses for it. There is no time bound for it and one can learn things at their own ease. The website provides an iMature certificate as well once you have completed the course.


Knowing different languages is such an important skill nowadays. You can pick the language you want to learn and learn the language in just 90 days.


Everyone has fitness goals but a common excuse everyone has is the lack of time. This is where the website comes into the rescue. The website provides 12 different exercises packed in 7 minutes using just a chair and a wall.


Just $10 a month can give you access to a huge bundle of knowledge which is taught by Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuck and much more. It has a huge abundance of data and information for people to learn and improve themselves each day.

Khan Academy

This academy is not known to many but it is accrediated by Bill Gates. Interested in knowing which is the Khan that started all this? Guess what, it’s none other than Salman Khan! This academy helps to break down difficult concepts into simple ways which can be understood by many. One can understand concepts in minutes and not take weeks.

Try using at least one of these 8 best websites and for sure you will learn something new each time you visit them. Do let us know how these above websites helped, also do share if you have any other websites you visit which we might have missed out!

these are the list of  8 best websites to surf when getting bored!

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