At innovateXpress, we bring in the best start-up stories from across the globe. This unique online news portal narrates the journey of new companies and their ecosystems from being “Nothing” to becoming “Something” along the way. It also focuses on delivering News and Articles that is trending on Social Media platforms related to multiple things. innovateXpress wants to foster the entrepreneurial culture and innovation in the young generation.


innovateXpress plans to venture into other fields of Technology and Science as well in the near future. Technology has changed the way we watch or read the news today. The news on the ‘idiot-box’ only shows the happenings of latest events across the nation, we don’t really want to hear or read about it all the time.


Many news portals bring in the news as soon as its published elsewhere without involving all the details. At innovateXpress, we understand the importance of details and complete news. Hence, the idea of innovateXpress was born.


Startups and their continuously changing ecosystems are bringing in a lot of innovation and at super fast speed, unexpected and unpredicted by many. It’s almost like Innovation is happening around us at an ‘Xpress’ speed which is hard to keep up. innovateXpress brings all the essential information we know you would love to read and want to be updated on.


Why we are better than other startup news portal?


  • We publish news from a different approach not thought of before.
  • It’s a well researched based information bringing you all the latest updates.
  • We cover the most trending topics from across the globe.
  • We also talk about the hottest and unspoken topics giving a platform to the audience to speak their minds.
  • We love to ‘Question everything’! This only strives us to be better than others all the time!


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