B2B startups in India are Growing more than B2C startups

The B2B startups in India are maturing more than the B2C startups. The mentors, startup experts and investors all have noticed the change in the trend and say it is a healthy sign.

Initially, the young generation entered into the startup ecosystem simply because of the limelight. But, without a clear focus in mind, the startups have seen failure on the way. The NASSCOM’s 10,000 Startups initiative also an increase in the applications for the B2B startups than the B2C startups.

Pari Natarajan, CEO of management consulting firm Zinnov mentioned that B2B startups have more chances of growth as compared to B2C startups.

India Promises more B2B startups soon

Technology Supplier
The India distributor for connected car technology company is run by Sahil Sahni called Sahi International launched an app-only e-distribution platform, Just Buy Live. With this app, retailers can connect and buy directly from brands and manufacturers at best price and avail schemes as well.

Sani gave an example that the app recognises the market and location of the merchant based on the details given. The app shows relevant products and brands which make it unique.


The Industrial Supplier

The online store for industrial supplies, Industry buying, was founded by siblings Rahul Gupta and Swati Gupta. The aim of the startup is to partner with resellers, who have the local presence, resources and the right knowledge to serve small businesses. These resellers get a fixed commission on every product they sell through Industry buying.


The Paymaster of Retail

The mobile point of sale solution by Mswipe is called Wisepad. It helps retail merchants to accept payment directly from the customers. The merchants can access all their accounts, old transactions and other details. The charge slips are saved online, hence the merchants do not have to save them physically.


The DIY Guy of E-Commerce

KartRocket allows businesses to create their own e-commerce store on the in-app templates. It has an online shipping software called Shiprocket where products can be shipped globally at discounted rates.

Similarly, many other young entrepreneurs have come up with many B2B solutions and helped in the growth in many sectors.

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