Everything you need to know about Codeigniter Development

Codeigniter is an open source application framework which is designed to facilitate rapid web development. Most of the developers are using this framework to create dynamic sites with the help of PHP. Dynamic websites powered by PHP can serve many of your business objectives, but when massive web development is all you need, you can always count on Codeigniter. It’s a PHP-driven framework which has a pile of plug-ins, libraries, modules, and other rich resources that offer a vigorous backup for complex procedures and resolutions.

Its direct methodology along with all the practical properties can help you get the right answer to all the website-related issues. Codeigniter makes rapid and consistent advancement possible in web development process through user-friendly tools and efficient interface. What’s more, you can get customized web applications in a short period of time with the help of Codeigniter framework that eventually translate into better ROI and improved productivity.

What is Codeigniter Development?

What is Codeigniter Development

Codeigniter is an object-oriented web application framework for PHP. It allows developers to build web applications faster, and provide ready to use libraries to use with your own application which speeds up tedious task In PHP. It is based on a modular design that means that you can easily implement specific libraries according to your choice. For example, it provides a database API to make it easier and more convenient to execute SQL queries, such as SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE etc.

Why do you need a framework?

A framework is basically conceptual structure which is used to solve complex issues. It allows for structure in developing web page by offering reusable classes and functions which can reduce overall development time. It also gives you pre-designed and pre-built code template to solve complicated or business specific problems.

Why Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a light weight, well-performing PHP framework. It has proved best for a beginner because it’s easy to understand and perfect for large web applications. Codeigniter is originally developed by EllisLab in 2006.

Codeigniter development requires knowledge of object-oriented programming language. The main objective of using object oriented language is to make application development simple, especially when the application becomes heavy/large with a huge database. It makes the application code and logic to be easier to understand, structured, and also making it easier to develop and enlarge the features and functionality of the application which is not easily possible with the procedural programming language.

Codeigniter is an extremely powerful framework and it comes with an inbuilt code management structure which helps in delivering cost effective PHP solutions. It works best for those developers who constantly switch between PHP4 and PHP 5 according to requirement.

Features of Codeigniter

Codeigniter features

Simplicity – Codeigniter is a user-friendly, simple and elegant toolkit to develop applications through libraries. It is simple to bring variations with Codeigniter, involving writing new libraries, changing its behavior with little effort. With Codeigniter, you don’t need to install new frameworks which can be pretty challenging.

User Guide – One of the most important features that make this framework viral, is its user guide which is exceptionally useful as well as quite impressive. The documentation is done in the most skilled way that comes in handy for the PHP developers, especially when it comes to coding.

Model handling – when it comes to dealing with the models, Codeigniter follow a straightforward process by providing a database API which is convenient to execute SQL queries with the use of simple commands.

Data Validation – It also helps in data validation, which is a major characteristic while considering models, where validation of data is done with the use of validation of class. Therefore, it becomes undeniably necessary for the PHP developers to know about Codeigniter for effective code implementation.

Benefits of Codeigniter

As any PHP framework has its own features and benefits against custom PHP development. Codeigniter also has its own benefits and some prefer Codeigniter due to its easy configuration and flexibility for complex development. A lot of businesses have been using this framework for their website development, and they prefer to choose this framework for raw PHP or custom development because of their experience and its feasibility.

Configuration benefits – It simplifies PHP syntax as the framework is made of a linear and usable folder structure. It also provides the streamline of the code to ease the configuration. As a result, you can get a high-tech web app and website.

Functionality benefits – It comes with a quite different functionality as it offers a hassle –free migration from one server to another server. Since it follows MVC architecture, you can expect the agile and convenient management of your site and web applications.

Error handling – Error handling has never been so easy and transparent. The simple and user-friendly interface helps users to identify error functions. It sends instructions to an error- logging class and enables debugging messages to be saved. You can observe all PHP errors in your web application and allows the designers to select and apply individual compilations from various code structure. Designers can easily create personalized web solutions for your business using this open source schema.

Safety and security – Everyone wants to develop a safe, secure and hack free site for them. You also need your site to be secure from CSRF/XSRF attacks and SQL injection etc. one of the biggest advantages of Codeigniter is that security features are already built-in. The development platform comes with many security features and can make your website consistently best across the various devices. With Codeigniter, the documentation process can be easy to get a neat website and web apps with essential features.

Final Note

Well, these are the noteworthy features and benefits of Codeigniter framework. It has proven to be an extremely powerful framework and comes with an in-built code management system. You can get everything from this platform when experienced developers deal with your website to boost and enhance your application functionality.

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