Google Launches Google Express Service to Deliver Grocery

Google is ready to compete with Amazon Prime Fresh and Instacart in the grocery sector. It has come up with Google Express Service which is ready to use for people living in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This service sends fresh vegetables, groceries, frozen food and liquor to your home.

Google Express Membership Plan

Fresh grocery services start at $2.99 for members and $4.99 for non-members. The annual subscription for Google Express Service is $95 as per Tech Crunch. Does it sound familiar? It is because it shares the same membership model of Amazon Prime and Instacart Express.

The locations where this service is available in LA including Paciamazonfic Palisades, Westwood, Venice, and Marina del Rey, and in San Francisco neighbourhoods such as the Financial District, the Mission, and Potrero Hill. According to Google Blog, there is a free 3-month trial available with $15 off on first purchase.

Google Express Service Partners with Other Stores

This 3-month trial will available until 31st January 2018. Once the trail period is over the membership auto-renews. But one can cancel anytime. Google Express has tied up with Target, Staples, Office Depot, Walgreens, Toys R Us, and Barnes & Nobles. You can order from any of the stores using this service.

However, some of the same day deliveries are available of non-fresh products in areas of Boston, San Jose, Manhattan, Chicago, Washington, and DC. Depending on your shopping habits, Google will save your list which you can visit and reorder again.

Grocery service is a hard business to operates especially when you do not have a huge cash pile up and big plans like Google. This is a pilot program run by Google and if it goes well, Google might expand to other cities as well.

Google has partnered with Costco and Whole Foods and pays its drivers to bring your order at your doorstep. The app of the grocery service from Google is available on Apple and Android phones.

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