5 Best-kept secrets revealed by Quikr app “Dazzlr”

Known to be India’s #1 classified platform, Quikr has yet to reveal some interesting plans. As many would have guessed, it’s not about acquisition of the real estate firm online. This seems to be out in the open. Everyone know about it as per the rumours around.

The firm was inspired by Craigslist a California-based firm. But this development of starting Quikr did not happen overnight. Recently shifted base from Mumbai to Bangalore, the company operates in 940 cities with 30 million unique users and 26 million new customers each month.

Quikr has launched many subcategories which are running successfully across India. The brands include Quikr Homes, Services, Cars, Jobs, and C2C. When we see in revenues, Quikr Services and Homes bring the maximum chunk. Quikr Jobs seems to be climbing up also. Quikr Cars is a slow and steady kind of category, which will start being profitable after a period of time.


The famous MSP (Maximum Selling Price) was started by Quikr to help the buyer estimate a price for the products. With things looking positive for Quikr it has come up with a new platform in the entertainment section.


1. The new incubator

The company has invested around $100,000 in this section alone. This will cater to aspiring actors, directors, scriptwriters, producers and many others who are looking to enter the film and TV industry.

2. New Quikr Campus

The name has not been finalized yet, but at the moment it’s named as ‘Dazzlr’. This will be carefully developed in the new campus which is around 4-acre wide. This is first of the many ideas yet to be revealed by the firm.

3. The developer’s team

Quikr has brought together a team of developers who will work on this app and hopefully launch it soon. This in-house campus wants to bring in new technologists who want to build and experiment with a new idea. Many do not know but a few months back Quikr had opened it APIs to developers so they could build apps on the platform. Out of 250 applications, the company has shortlisted 10 of them.

4. New Ideas funding

These ideas will receive funding of $20,000- $30,000 each. Addition to this the company will give access to the vast network of buyers and sellers along with the transaction flow. Quikr has hired 500 new employees to fulfill the requirement which is expected to grow in the new future. The current capacity cannot handle the data transfer required and other little things on their own.

5. Life has come full circle

The reason behind focusing on the entertainment industry is the owner, Pranay Chulet. The IIM pass out stumbled on the idea while working for a media company in New York. He wanted to hire people for a movie for which he wrote the script himself. He never spoke of it publically.

Quikr seems to be all set to make an investment in a media entertainment company. He also put the rumors to rest about his acquisition of CommonFloor. The life has come full circle for him.


In Brand Asset Valuation(BAV) 2013 by Rediffusion – Y&R recognized it as the best e-commerce brand amongst the Youth In India. The company enjoys some of the best-known brands in the investment part of Matrix Partners India, Norwest Venture Partners, Warburg Pincus, Nokia Growth Partners and so on.

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